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About Me

My name is Henderson Marshall. I am originally from the island of Barbados and currently living in Ajax (Toronto), Canada.

I am a photographer, videographer and documentary filmmaker at large. My interests in photography started first, as a hobby during my elementary school days. It was during that time that I developed my passion for capturing the beauty of nature and the excellence of people.



Inspiring Filmmaker and Photography enthusiast with a flair for fashion and events (corporate and local).


- Shernet Bartley, Changepoint

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures leave everyone speechless...

Your creativity and timing capture the beauty and essence of any event. You are amazing and truly fun to work with.  You are like family and I plan to recommend you to all of my friends.


- Viman Kaur Baath, Real Estate Agent

Extremely personable, good-humored...

Henderson Marshall is extremely personable, good-humored and most importantly  understands what his clients are looking for. He is patient but professional, approachable, friendly and flexible (which is why he takes the most beautiful images.) Henderson will provide tips throughout the day to make sure the pictures came out great. He has a great eye for unique shots. He has photographed various events at work and I also had opportunity to join his photo shoots outside the workplace.

I would recommend Henderson for any photography or video work.


- Akbar Hossain, Rogers Wireless

Remarkable photographer who is able to capture the true character
and energy of his subject...

Henderson Marshall is a remarkable photographer who is able to capture the true character and energy of his subject. The captivating quality and appeal of his images are a result of his ability to produce photographs with visual appeal that captures emotions at its purest and most candid moments.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Henderson for several social galas and personal family portraits. His incredible artistic eye and attention to detail allows for striking and breathtaking photos. He has the ability to frame images that communicate compelling stories and freezes those transient moments in time to remember and cherish forever.



Henderson embodies an extraordinary level of professionalism and class, with a high level of focus and direction. I find him to be very approachable, with a gentle personality that puts people at ease. He has an impeccable work ethic and is willing to work with his clients even in challenging and hectic outdoor weather conditions.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Henderson will realize that he is a true master of the lens and will be in awe of his work of art.


- Keneisha Walters


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